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Safe and Effective Low Intensity Light Therapy

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that Lo-LIGHT lamps using the GreenLIGHT technology are as effective as bright white light therapy lamps that provide 20 times as much light intensity.

The Lo-LIGHT is "Best Light Therapy Lamp"
Confirmed by Independent Research

The unique low-intensity GreenLIGHT technology developed and patented by Sunnex Biotechnologies cannot advance the onset of macular degeneration or damage the retina, which is a concern with bright light and blue light therapy lamps commonly used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or sleep disorders.

Studies Confirming the Lo-LIGHT as the Best Light Therapy Lamp

Harvard University uses Lo-LIGHT lamps in NSBRI/ESA project.

(NSBRI) National Space Biomedical Research Institute, (ESA) European Space Agency


"I will recommend your units to anyone who has DSPD, as I did, because quite frankly, IT WORKS!"

"I am really pleased that we found your product. My son has been struggling with his sleep cycle for years due to late-stage Chronic Lyme Disease and he is now getting up at about 9:30 am and going to bed about 12:30 am. This is a huge improvement from where he started and we have every reason to believe it will continue to get better. Thanks for doing what you do!!"
S.J. AB Canada

"Years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe case of the sleep disorder DSPS and I have been suffering from it all my life....In 2008, I started taking advantage of blue light technology, but 2 years later I had some problems with my eye sight. I have now been using the green light instead of the blue one for a few months, and it has done wonders for me. Not only am I no longer worried about my eye sight, it is also even more effective than the blue light was, in my personal experience. My work days are obviously a lot more productive as well and by merit of that alone, the green light has already paid for itself.
M.Z. Brazil

"I recently retired and almost immediately started suffering from insomnia. Then fall came and I also fell into a depression (SAD). I started to use green light therapy, and the results were simply amazing. Within one week my insomnia and SAD were completely under control. I now get up with no problem, have lots of energy throughout the day, and am in a good state of mind. I am very happy with Green Light therapy."
B.J.S. MB Canada

"This green light lamp definitely works for me!" "Definitely improves my mood"

"I am very satisfied with the green light. I found it to be very helpful in alleviating my symptoms of SAD"
E.A. Phd. MB Canada

"The white light is effective, however, I looked forward to the green light ...Using the green light was a pleasure rather than a discipline."

"I thought the lamp was great. I felt calmer and less sleepy during the was easier to get up in the morning"
J.W. B.Pharm. KS USA

"I use it after coming off the night shift. It helps in shifting me back and helped decrease the frequency of my migraine headaches."
M.S. RN WI USA (For night shift work)

"I felt less depressed..The very first time I used the lamp I felt very energized." "It reminded me of my previous job when I worked outside in the sunshine. When I used the lamp I felt like the sun was shining on me."
A.P. Ont. Can

Low Intensity GreenLIGHT and Depression

For over 20 years Lo-LIGHT therapy lamps have been used to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD or Winter Depression).
Clinical Studies using Lo-LIGHT Therapy for Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Depression

It's Worth It To Protect Your Vision

Experts have cautioned regarding the risk of eye damage from blue or "blue-enhanced" light therapy lamps and "bright" light therapy lamps. The Lo-LIGHT therapy lamp is the only light therapy device used for sleep and mood disorders that cannot cause the retina to "age more rapidly" and advance the onset of Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

The consequences of blindness from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) for users of light therapy lamps can be severe. Bright or Blue light therapy and AMD.

Chronobiology, Night Shift Work and Sleep Disorders

Chronobiology is the science concerning the regulation of internal body clocks by timed exposure to appropriate light sources. It is applicable to the treatment of human mood disorders, sleep disorders like DSPS, and correcting disturbed sleep patterns and circadian rhythm disruption, as often occurs in shift workers and older people.

Lo-LIGHT lamps have been shown to be highly effective in regulating the human internal body clock and have demonstrated their effectiveness in improving alertness and performance of night shift workers in studies conducted by both university and military researchers.

CEMS, a counter-fatigue program for night shift workers was developed using Lo-LIGHT lamps. It was successfully tested on operational U.S. Coast Guard cutters as well as on commercial vessels operating on American inland waterways and on oceans.
Lo-LIGHT improves night shift alertness and performance

CEMS - the U.S. Coast Guard's Crew Endurance Management System

GreenLIGHT vs Blue Light

The studies confirming the effectiveness of the low-intensity GreenLIGHT technology stands in stark contrast to the several studies which found there is no benefit from using blue light wavelengths in a light therapy lamp.

A major study confirming the lack of superiority of blue light wavelengths in light therapy was published by Science. Several authors of this study were responsible for the earlier studies which led to the widespread misconception that blue light wavelengths are more effective than white light for light therapy.
The advantages of GreenLIGHT over blue light therapy

Lo-LIGHT Lamps - The Superior Light Therapy Lamps


Purchase or "No Risk" Rental Plans

In North America, a no-risk rental program is available for some models of Lo-LIGHT. If the unit is purchased within 2 months from the time of rental, all rental payments are applied towards the purchase price.

The Sunnex Biotechnologies Lo-LIGHT phototherapy lamp comes with a five year warranty. Details