Circadian Phase Shifting Effects of "Dim" Green Light. A.J. Lewy , S.Ahmed, V.K. Bauer, N.L. Cutler, M.N. Waldman, and R.L. Sack. Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms Annual Meeting. 1993; 4:11
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Phase Curve of Low Intensity Green Light in Winter Depressives. S. Ahmed, N.L. Cutler, A.J. Lewy, V.K. Bauer, R.L. Sack and M.S. Cardoza. Sleep Research 1995; 24:508

"CONCLUSIONS: The magnitude of the phase shifts are comparable to those obtained using high-intensity white light in winter-depressives. The phase response curve (PRC) for green light shown above is roughly twelve hours out of phase with the PRC for oral melatonin administration. This preliminary study shows that low-intensity green light may be useful in the treatment of some chronobiologic disorders."

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