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"This pilot experiment investigated the hypothesis that only melanopsin drives [non-image forming] NIF responses in humans. The ability of polychromatic white light and monochromatic blue light (max 479 nm) matched for melanopsin stimulating photons to suppress nocturnal melatonin production was compared...a comparison of the two light conditions revealed a significantly enhanced response to polychromatic light."

"In conclusion, the current study has demonstrated the melatonin suppression response to polychromatic [white] light is enhanced compared to monochromatic [blue 479 nm] light matched in terms of melanopsin stimulation. This suggests that the response to polychromatic light cannot be predicted from the melanopsin photosensory spectral sensitivity and that it is not solely melanopsin that drives the melatonin suppression response..."

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"The present study compared the phase delay shift produced by two different fluorescent lamp, standard poly chromatic vs. blue-enriched polychromatic white light." 
"We studied 10 subjects ( mean age 63.3). ...Mean illuminance in the blue-enriched and standard white light groups was 1.07 x 1015 photons/cm2/sec and 1.025 x 1015 photons/cm2/sec respectively."
"Conclusion: At the same illuminance levels both light sources produced phase delays of similar magnitude."    

OUR NOTE:  In this study from the Chronobiology Department of Harvard University, increasing the proportion of blue light wavelengths of  a white light source did not improve the phase-shifting capability of a light source in older people as compared with a normal white light source. As in the two recent studies with younger subjects cited above, this study fails to demonstrate any increased efficiency (i.e. effectiveness at a lower light intensity or energy) from the use of enhanced levels of blue blue light wavelengths in light therapy lamps. In comparison, studies have shown the Lo-LIGHT is effective at less than one tenth of the light intensity (energy) provided by white light therapy lamps.  

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